A Look at CHD


1. Catholic parishioners are donating millions of dollars to fringe groups  that place political organizing above charity. 

2. The logical assumption is that this collection goes to aid the work of  people like Mother Teresa and her nuns; or any of the countless thousands of  other Catholic charitable organizations throughout the country that help unwed  mothers, feed the poor etc. BUT THAT'S NOT WHERE THE GRANTS FROM THE CHD GO  !!!

3. The American Bishops claim they do not allow political endorsements of  candidates. However, the CHD has evolved into little more than an organizing arm  of the Democratic Party, which for 28 years now has poured money into  grass-roots political action organizations. One such organization in Tucson, is  PCIC. (Pima County Interfaith Council).

4. CHD in the Diocese of Tucson supports the PCIC as a "New Evangelization"  to: Register voters, hold sessions to teach people who and what to vote for and  to support a massive extension of governmental interference in the lives of  families and communities under a religious guise.

5. PCIC successfully led a ballot initiative for Prop. 203, the Healthy  Arizona Initiative, which would provide 150,000 people with health care. This  initiative was also supported by solidly PRO-ABORTION ORGANIZATIONS SUCH AS  PLANNED PARENTHOOD AND THE NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN because of its  increased funding for teenage pregnancy prevention programs.

6. CHD in the Diocese of Tucson funds Saul Alinsky's Industrial Areas  Foundation (IAF). The late Mr. Alinsky was a professional agitator whose job it  was to teach people to create "SOCIAL CHAOS " to get what they want from  government.

7. Saul Alinsky was a religious agnostic who set out to change the basic  attitudes and structure of the Catholic Church in America. His book, RULES  FOR RADICALS, has become the bible for organizing political leftist  activities. Given the amount of Catholic money which goes through CHD to  organizations started by Saul Alinsky, or which subscribe to his tactics, it is  ironic that his opening quote acknowledges his regard for the world's "firstradical": "Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder  acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and  history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins  or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against  the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom - LUCIFER."

8. CHD maintains that it EMPOWERS the poor "to move beyond poverty".  Critics maintain that CHD supports precisely those failed dependency-inducing  programs that have led to the decimation of inner-city families.

WHAT DOES ALL OF THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE CATHOLIC  CHURCH!!! -The CATHECISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH states "it is not the responsibility of  the Church's Pastors to become directly involved in political action and social  action".

9. CHD has persistently funded organizations closely associated with,  and in some cases directly supportive of the PRO-ABORTION movement. For  Example: Justice, Economic Dignity and Independence for Women (JEDI) of Salt  Lake City received a CHD grant of $20,000 in 1995. In April, 1996 JEDI  women officially endorsed the National Organization for Women's "FIGHT THE  RIGHT" march in San Francisco. This march supported ABORTION RIGHTS,  LESBIAN AND GAY RIGHTS, ZERO POPULATION GROWTH, REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM AND  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.

10. CHD supports the Farms Labor Organizing Committee(FLOC).  This committee works with Women's Environment and Development Organization  (WEDO). WEDO is a radical supporter of ABORTION AND POPULATION  CONTROL PLANS.

11. CHD betrays a trust in accepting money from loyal but unsuspecting  parishioners to use for projects that most Catholics would not otherwise  support.7

12. Worthy charities are supported by our HOLY FATHER, JOHN PAUL II.  We suggest you may want to consider sending your donations directly to the HOLY FATHER, where you can be sure it will be used to help the poor and  needy. His address is:

C/O Msgr. Stanislaw Dziwisz
Apostolic Palace
00120, Vatican City