Who is PCIC?

Who is PCIC?     What can you do?

The Interfaith Councils are infiltrating our churches, schools, politics,  teachers and trade unions with their blend of Christian and Marxist principals  documented by reliable sources contained herein.

These Interfaith Councils are anything but religious as their founder,  Saul D. Alinski, was a noted Marxist, atheist. Alinsky founded the Industrial  Areas Foundation (IAF), which provides initial grants and indoctrination of the  local political organizers.

The Campaign for  Human Development (CHD), even though it claims that their funds are not  for endorsing political candidates, openly funds the Industrial Areas Foundation  political action activities.

The tactics used by the Interfaith organizers are derived from  Alinsky's book "Eleven Rules for Radicals," which he dedicated to "Lucifer" the first radical. Alinsky successor is Ernesto Cortes who has  used the Industrial Areas Foundation to exploit the Liberation Theology concept  to incorporate his blend of Christian/ Marxist principles.

The Eleven Rules are used to create social discontent among the poor,  new immigrants, and the disenfranchised. Furthermore the Interfaith Councils are  exploiting the anger associated with deep Welfare Reform cuts in social services  to solidify their political base.

The Interfaiths movements ultimate goal is to impose their political  religious agenda and take control of millions of Welfare Reform dollars being  delegated to the states in the form of social services and job training block  grants.

Several prominent Interfaith Councils are in various stages of  development in the western United States. They include C.O.P.S. in San Antonio,  EPSIO in El Paso, Valley Interfaith Project in Phoenix (VIP), and the Pima  County Interfaith Council (PCIC) in Tucson. Some two dozen additional U.S.  cities have also been infiltrated by the interfaith political action  movement, which are stated herein. It should be noted, these Interfaith Councils  have effectively recruited prominent local religious, educational, and political  leaders and even the press. These individuals which Alinsky referred to as his "useful idiots" run interference for the interfaith hierarchy, which call  the shots behind the scenes.

In Tucson, Arizona, the Arizona Rural Human Services Network has, as David, cast the first stone at the local Interfaith Council (PCIC)  and exposed their agenda of "preying on the poor " to promote their  political agendas. The battle rages on throughout the country as local  communities fight to rid themselves of the interfaith menace that has  infiltrated their institutions with political religious agendas.

On May 1st, 1997, a new corporation was initiated known as Citizens for  Separation of Church & State, Inc. (CSCS). The initial general purpose  of the corporation is to serve as a citizens watch-dog on the activities of  the national interfaith movement funded by the Industrial Areas  Foundation.

Its primary focus will be on those Interfaith Councils based in  Arizona, namely the Pima County Interfaith Council (PCIC), Valley Interfaith  Project (VIP), and East Valley Interfaith Councils (VIP) of Phoenix.

Other focal groups under the vigil will be OTOC of Omaha, COPS of San  Antonio, and EPISO in El Paso, along with 24 other cities across the United  States where the "Interfaith Menace" is at work.

The Preamble as stated in the CSCS Bylaws include the following:

To educate the public on the tenants of the U.S. Constitution, federal,  state, and local laws as they relate to the separation of church and state as  well as other guaranteed freedoms in our present day institutions and  government. To educate the public of infringement thereof. Otherwise to conform  with all allowable activities of a charitable and educational organization as  defined under section 501C(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or  corresponding provisions of any future U.S. Internal Revenue laws.